The IJSC will use submitted material (texts and graphics) for publication purposes only.

No original materials will be used for any other purposes without express determination of Authors.
Papers assessment made by members of the Editorial Board will be kept in confidentiality.

Double-blind review will apply, the Director and the Editor being the only to know the identity of both Authors and Referees of a given paper.

Under no circumstances a paper's assessment will be disclosed or publicized in any form.

Authors will have the right to withdraw their papers if the Editorial Board assessment is "approval subject to major changes".

If the assessment is "approval as is" or "approval subject to minor changes", IJSC will be entitled to publish the paper without any further authorisation from the Author.

IJSC is entitled to perform text edition for typos and standard publishing format correction. However, IJSC will not edit papers changing Author's texts, neither in form nor in contents.

Rights regarding "rejected" papers will remain with the correspondent Author and IJSC will not retain any rights on these.

Personal data submitted by Authors (names, e.mail addresses, other) will be used for publication purposes only.

IJSC and its legal owner (Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development) will not use this data for any other purposes, neither will it be passed or in any other way transmitted to third parties.

Data submitted to IJSC will only be revealed under proper and specific order of a Court of Law .